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Concrete Mixer Ensures Construction Quality
- Oct 11, 2017 -

A concrete mixer is a machine that mixes cement, aggregate and water into concrete mixtures and mixes them into mixed materials. It is mainly composed of mixing drum, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system, original motive, transmission mechanism, Concrete Mixer frame and supporting device, etc.

Construction needs a lot of concrete, assuming that the artificial stirring, not only heavy effort, low production rate, and waste of cement, difficult to ensure quality, so the current is usually selected concrete mixer construction. It is necessary to use concrete mixer to make concrete according to the concrete engineering situation, to select and precisely apply mixer, to reduce construction cost and to guarantee construction quality.

In the mixing station equipment, the concrete mixer is the main core component, Concrete Mixer which determines the whole mixing station productivity and the quality of the concrete mixing station.

Inspection work before use of concrete mixer

1, check the gearbox and lubrication part of the lubrication (grease) is good enough.

2, check the power supply voltage, rated voltage 380V, pressure drop should not be less than 10%, but not higher than 5%, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the machine.

3, check the electrical and electronic components of the wiring is solid, Concrete Mixer and wire to the motor grounding to ensure safety, and then connected to the power.

4, access to waterways, check water pumps, throttle valve and the reliability of the hose.

5, check the various parts of the car link bolts are firm, especially the movement parts of the joint, if the loosening should be tightened.

6, check whether the wire rope neatly arranged on the reel, Concrete Mixer if the loose should be wrapped up again.

7, check the mixing drum, hopper and the track shelf whether there is foreign body accumulation, if the accumulation should be cleaned up in time.

8, check the improvement of the hopper is flexible, braking, Concrete Mixer stroke switch movement is sensitive, accurate and safe and reliable.

Precautions for use of concrete mixers

1, the new machine should be used in accordance with the requirements of the concrete mixer instructions, the system and parts of the test and the necessary commissioning. Empty wagon operation, Concrete Mixer check the rotating direction of stirring drum or stirring vane, operation and braking of each working device, confirm normal, can work.

2, fixed-type concrete mixer, should be installed in a strong pedestal. When used for a long time, the anchor bolts should be buried, such as short-term use, Concrete Mixer can be laid under the base of sleepers and leveling stability.

3, for mobile concrete mixer, should be installed on flat and hard flooring with square wood or brace rack, and maintain a horizontal tire is not force. If the use of more than three months, the tire should be removed properly to maintain the end of the wheel should do a good job cleaning rust.

4, for some of the need to dig up the hopper pit of the mixer, the surrounding area should be strengthened to prevent the surface water into the pit. The bottom supporting surface of the upper material rail frame shall be compacted or paved, and the back of the frame shall be supported by wood to prevent the deformation of the track during work.

5, the concrete mixer after starting, Concrete Mixer should make the stirring drum to the normal speed after the material, after the material to add water in time; The new material must first be unloaded from the original concrete mixer. No intermediate stop or full load start mixer, except for reverse discharging.

6, in the use of concrete mixer, do not make the gravel into the machine running part, so as to avoid the operation of the parts jammed damage. Concrete Mixer After lifting the hopper, the bucket can not be passed or stay, so as to avoid the brake failure accident. If the maintenance or clean-up work in the bucket, forced downtime and the upper hopper with the insurance chain to pull the prison.

7, the mixer operation, if the fault can not continue to operate, should be immediately cut off the power, the mixing drum inside the concrete clean, and then overhaul.

8, after the operation, the mixer should be thoroughly cleaned, operators need to enter the cylinder cleaning, must cut off the power supply, set up in the outside custody, or remove the fuse and lock the switch box, and then can enter.

9, the mixer on the hopper crank, the application pin fixed, lest the person enters the simple inside clean up, the body touches the crank to make the hopper to ascend, occurrence squeezes the accident.

10, after the operation, the mixer hopper should be landed to the hopper pit, if the need arises, the application chain buckle.

According to the continuity of the production process, the concrete mixer can be divided into two categories: cycle type and continuous type. Cycle mixer feeding, stirring, discharging according to the cycle, easy to ensure the quality of concrete, the construction site used in the mixer are this category; Continuous mixer feeding, stirring out the material are continuous, concrete quality is difficult to guarantee, more for hydraulic construction. According to the type of power can be divided into two types of electric and internal combustion, according to the power of the construction site selection. According to the mode of equipment can be divided into fixed and movable two types, according to the amount of concrete and construction needs to be selected. According to the stirring method, it can be divided into two types: forcible type and self falling type. The self-falling mixer is carried by the blades of the rotating stirring drum to the high place of the mixing material and then stirred by the falling of the dead weight. Concrete Mixer The forced concrete mixer is forced to knead and flip the mixture by rotating blades and stirring.

Application of concrete mixer it is necessary to strictly abide by the safety technical regulations of construction machinery application, it is necessary to carefully check the power equipment, work arrangements and supporting the use of lifting, conveying pouring equipment.

The mixing time of the concrete mixer (the initial time of loading and unloading) can be determined according to the slump of the stirring material and the capacity of the stirring. In order to ensure mixing, usually medium and small-scale self-falling mixer mixing time for 1 with the paste stone method and stir 3 minutes, forced concrete mixer stirring time is shorter, such as 30 seconds can be, in short, according to the construction practice, the test to determine. With regard to the low slump (mechanical vibrator tamping for the $number with mixed materials, and the selection of fine sand concrete, can extend the stirring time according to the practice situation.

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