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Concrete Mixing Station Meets The Needs Of Engineering Construction
- Oct 11, 2017 -

The concrete mixing station is a joint device used for concentrating and stirring concrete. Because of its mechanization, higher degree of automation, high productivity, and can guarantee the quality of concrete and save cement, often used in concrete projects, long duration, site concentration of large, medium-sized Water conservancy, electricity, bridges and other projects. With the continuous development of municipal construction, Concrete batching Plant the use of concentrated mixing, the provision of commercial concrete mixing station has a great advantage, and thus the rapid development, and to promote the construction of concrete pumping, to achieve mixing, conveying, pouring machinery joint operation to create conditions.

The concrete mixing station uses the Advanced performance automatic control system, set simulation technology applied in the field of concrete, intelligent control, automatic control, hand-controlled in one, can observe and statistic the production process and production situation of mixing station, building, can connect to detect sand, stone water content, concrete collapse degree control, Concrete batching Plant and can make automatic on-line temperature compensation, In order to achieve the purpose of adding sand to reduce water, can provide remote communication interface in order to transfer data from workstations to the office to achieve real-time reading production process information, convenient management and height.

Concrete mixing plant is mainly divided into aggregate, powder feed, Concrete batching Plant water and admixture feeding, transmission mixing and storage four parts, equipment Tongmin using the overall steel structure casting, high-quality H-beam not only the appearance of elegant, but also strengthened the overall structural strength of concrete mixing station, equipment installation convenient, the form of a variety of fixed-type, mobile, First-order, second-order, single-host station, dual-host station ... It can be applied to various complicated terrain structures to meet different engineering construction needs.

Characteristics of concrete Mixing plant

1. Operation is brief. Concrete mixing plant mainly to see the material method, unloading method, Concrete batching Plant is manual operation, is still semi-automatic, fully automatic operation, large-scale mixing station's own advantages, generally for automatic feeding.

2. Good usability. Can satisfy the basic concrete mixing request, the adaptability is strong, the operation is convenient, the skill function is leading, the production efficiency is high.

3. Good reliability. Refers to the purchase of large-scale concrete mixing plant in full play its high function of the case, the operating accuracy is reliable, low failure rate, high attendance, Concrete batching Plant the average life expectancy is longer.

4. Good repair. The concrete mixing station has reasonable structure, high standardization and generalization of parts, good exchange function, easy to view, test and repair.

5. High degree of environmental protection. Concrete batching Plant Large-scale mixing station sealing, automation determines the environmental protection type is also more powerful.

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