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Performance Design Of Concrete Mixer
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Concrete mixer according to the continuity of the production process can be divided into two types of periodic and continuous. It is easy to ensure the quality of concrete, and the concrete mixer used in the construction site is of the same type. The continuous mixing and stirring of the concrete mixer is carried out continuously and the quality of the concrete is difficult to guarantee. , Mostly for hydraulic construction. According to the type of power can be divided into two types of electric and internal combustion, Concrete Mixer according to the construction site of the power situation to choose. According to the equipment can be divided into fixed and mobile two categories, according to the amount of concrete construction and construction needs. According to the mixing method can be divided into two kinds of forced and self-falling type, from the fall of the concrete mixer by rotating the mixing tube in the blade to bring the mixture to a high position, and then rely on the weight of the fall stirring; forced concrete mixer by rotating blades The kneaded kneading is carried out, and the mixture is stirred and stirred.

The use of concrete mixer is necessary to strictly abide by the "construction machinery safety technical regulations", before use, it is necessary to carefully check the power equipment, Concrete Mixer work arrangements and supporting the use of lifting, transport pouring equipment.

 Building concrete concrete mixer is a certain mix of water, sand, aggregate and cement and other raw materials mixed with homogeneous concrete machinery. The concrete mixer has the advantages of high productivity, good mixing quality and so on. The earliest appeared in the early 20th century is from the fall of concrete mixer, 50 years after the different discharge methods for the characteristics of the concrete mixer and different ways of mixing concrete mixer have come out.

Performance Design of Concrete Mixer

In the concrete design, we should be based on the new mixing concept, scientific and rational optimization of the design, select the best geometry, working parameters, making the mixing process in the shortest possible time to play the best results to ensure the efficient completion of mixing to get the most Excellent mixing quality.

(A), concrete mixer when starting the mechanical design focus

(2) In a stirring cycle, the power consumption of the concrete mixer is two very small. (2) In a stirring cycle, the energy consumption of the concrete mixer is two very small And the two maximum values, Concrete Mixer the first minimum occurs at a position of 30 ° and the second minimum occurs at 210 °; the position of the first maximum occurs at a position of 120 °, and (3) When the load of the concrete mixer is started, the time of the beginning of the cycle is shortened, the stirring force is reduced and the stirring speed is increased. After 5 cycles, Concrete Mixer the concrete mixer tends to be stable.

(B), ingredients and feeding system

Ingredients is a way to complete the ingredients in the aggregate, metering, and then raised to the middle storage hopper, another way through the lifting device, the first to complete the upgrade, and then classified storage, the habit of the front of a station called, behind the Called floor Floor is characterized by equipment to start production fast, high efficiency, the disadvantage is high cost. Aggregate lifting device is divided into bucket lift and belt lifting. Bucket upgrade is generally used for small mixing equipment, Concrete Mixer which is characterized by small footprint, simple structure, the shortcomings of the failure rate is high; belt upgrade according to the venue and angle, sub-slot belt, cheek belt and smooth belt several, Glossy belt generally consider the feeding angle of not more than 20 degrees, or easy to roll material, slot belt angle, small footprint, but the belt is easy to sticky material, causing heavy sprinkling material. So the mixed station is generally used smooth belt. Concrete Mixer Powder is mostly powder jar, through the spiral measurement. Liquid through the pipeline to the measurement said to complete the measurement

Fourth, the concrete mixer analysis and maintenance of common faults

Mixing the host as a mixing station to complete the mixing of the core components, for the normal production of mixing stations have played an important role in the maintenance of some of the following:

(A), shaft maintenance

According to the type of mixing material on the shaft requirements are different, especially the semi-fluid and fluid mixing, the shaft side is very demanding, it requires the shaft within the regular oiling, it is generally used automatic lubrication device, intermittent oiling, Station production, use frequently, Concrete Mixer so automatic lubrication system often fails, but there is a certain degree of concealment, so maintenance personnel should always observe the amount of oil to determine whether the normal automatic lubrication. In addition, the mixing station design should pay attention to the host positive and negative pressure control, some commercial stations have been designed positive and negative pressure pipeline, but I think the pipeline design is too small, easy to plug, Concrete Mixer resulting in ventilation is not smooth, of course, recommended early use of equipment transformation Host ventilation pipe to reduce the positive and negative pressure on the shaft end and even the impact of metering system.

(B), mixing system

At present, in addition to the small amount of equipment, the most widely used is the double horizontal shaft mixing host, mixing arm and stirring blades are also different, the more representative of the stone is not continuous mixing, and the South Road as the representative of the leaves continuous Type mixing, but the two sides have their own characteristics, not continuous mixing blades, simple structure, easy maintenance, mixing arm blade wear light, good versatility of accessories; continuous mixing blade mixing efficiency, complex structure, cleaning difficulties, accessories require more High, the use of ancillary products with easy problems. So according to the characteristics of mixing station reasonable selection of mixing host. Stirring the mainframe leaves and liner clearance adjustment is more important general control in 3-5mm, so wear parts of the wear and tear, the reduction of the mixing force is more favorable.

(C), motor or reducer overheating

Concrete concrete mixer or motor reducer overheating phenomenon, the first motor and reducer tape wheel to conduct a detailed inspection to see if they are coplanar, triangular tape tension is normal, there is no other external force caused by additional load ; Second, the motor or reducer to check the surface to see whether there is a cover on top, resulting in the temperature can not be normal heat; Finally, Concrete Mixer the parallel shaft mounted helical gear reducer oil inspection, observe the oil level is normal, especially Is the lubricant has not been contaminated, once these phenomena occur, it is necessary in accordance with the corresponding standard requirements for refueling or oil change.

(D), the host security maintenance

Stirring the host after the completion of the production staff need to regularly enter the clean-up, this is more dangerous operations, often industrial accidents. Into the host must first pull the gate, Concrete Mixer to determine the power after the operation, followed by a crucial point, the host door on the limit switch can not be shorted, this switch is to protect the last line of life defense. Also in the host to clean up, easy to bump, slip, pay attention to avoid, pay attention to internal ventilation.

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