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The Concrete Mixer Is An Engineering Vehicle
- Nov 01, 2017 -

The concrete mixer consists of a car chassis and concrete mixing equipment. China's production of concrete mixer truck chassis used by the vehicle manufacturers to provide two types of general chassis. Its special institutions include power take-off, front and rear support, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing tube, control mechanism, cleaning system. The working principle is through the power plant to take out the power of the chassis, Concrete Mixer Truck and drive the hydraulic system variable pump, the mechanical energy into hydraulic power can be passed to the quantitative motor, the motor and then drive the reducer, driven by the reducer mixing device, the concrete mixing.

 Concrete mixer with car chassis, mixing cylinder, into the material device, water supply system and hydraulic transmission system and other components. The main function of the mixing cylinder is to store and stir the concrete, installed in the rear half of the car frame, mainly by the cylinder, connecting flange, Concrete Mixer Truck roller and mixing blades. The external structure of the mixing cylinder is mostly both ends of the cone, the middle of the cylinder, its shape resembles the olive. Concrete tanks are made of high-quality wear-resistant steel plate, in order to be able to automatically install, unloading concrete, Concrete Mixer Truck the inner wall of a special shape of the spiral blade. Used to stir and stir the concrete.

Concrete mixer in the process and waiting for the discharge process, in order to avoid the water separation or solidification of concrete, through the power plant to remove the power of the chassis and drive the hydraulic system variable pump to the mechanical energy into hydraulic power can be passed to the quantitative motor, Concrete Mixer Truck The motor drives the reducer again, and the agitator is driven by the reducer to stir the concrete. (2-4r / min), unloading, the tank to reverse rotation (12-14r / min), the concrete was rotating the barrel of the spiral blade, even continuous discharge. The change in the speed of the tank and the direction of rotation are done by the control rod of the variable oil pump - changing the pump speed, displacement and high pressure oil outlet transposition (pump reverse rotation).

The concrete mixer uses the main vehicle engine power way. The function of the power take-off device is to remove the engine power by manipulating the force switch, and the stirring cylinder is driven by the hydraulic system. The stirring cylinder is rotated in the course of feeding and transportation to facilitate the mixing of the feed and the concrete. Concrete Mixer Truck To the rotation, after the end of the work to cut off the power connection with the engine. Hydraulic system will be removed by the power of the engine power, into the hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then by the motor output for the mechanical energy (speed and torque), to provide power for the rotation of the mixing cylinder.

Concrete mixer as a kind of engineering vehicles, the chassis power, bearing capacity, Concrete Mixer Truck reliability requirements are higher, the general use of engineering vehicles chassis modified;

In order to ensure the quality of concrete, mixing bucket must ensure that traffic, parking as far as possible uniform rotation, need to force in the clutch before, and consume a larger power, so the concrete mixer are using engine flywheel force, commonly known as full power force, so concrete Mixers must use special chassis;

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