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The Concrete Mixer Is Made Of High Quality Wear-resisting Thin Steel Plate
- Sep 25, 2017 -

The concrete mixer is a machine which mixes cement, aggregate and water into concrete mixture. Mainly by mixing drum, feeding and unloading mechanism, water supply system, original motive, transmission mechanism, frame and supporting device.

The concrete mixer is mainly composed of a stirring cylinder and its supporting parts. The mixing drum is a concrete loading container, which is made of high quality wear-resisting thin steel plate, in order to be able to automatically load and unload concrete, Concrete Mixer the inner wall is welded with a special shape of spiral blades. During rotation, the concrete moves along the blades ' helical direction and is mixed and stirred during continuous lifting and turning. In the process of entering and transporting, the mixing drum is turning, the concrete moves in the direction of the blade, the stirring drum is reversed and the concrete is unloaded along the blade.

1, concrete mixer before each use should check the item: Check whether the fuselage is smooth, blade and stirring blade support arm of the connection bolts is solid, Concrete Mixer on the material frame connected bolts are fastened, pump water diversion is added, the pipeline is unblocked.

2, concrete mixer after each use should check the items: Clean the stirring cylinder inside and outside, discharging the door, the ash on the hopper, rinse and clean with water, the hopper is parked in the transportation position, and the brake pin is inserted well, the hopper shall not have sundries, cut off the power, Concrete Mixer lock the electrical control box, and add the necessary lubricating oil to each lubricating point All water in the water supply system should be drained.

3, concrete mixer should check the item every week:

Check the wear of steel wire rope and in its show that a little lubricant, wire rope wear to a certain extent, should be replaced, check the reducer oil surface, oil pump, check the lubrication parts of the situation, concrete mixing station to hopper roller bearing and pulley bearing lubricating oil. The water supply device should be kept clean to avoid clogging, cleaning the suction valve once, stroke switch rocker arm is loose, Concrete Mixer if the loosening should be necessary adjustment, check the blade connection bolts, support arm connection bolts are loose as appropriate adjustment, the gap between the blade and the wall of the maximum gap 5mm and make necessary tightening, check the contact in the electrical box contactor situation , Unscrew open blockage, check shaft end seals, make necessary adjustments to repair and replace.

4, concrete mixer should check the items regularly: hoist the hoist brake to check and make appropriate adjustments to the pump, throttle valve inspection, whether there is leakage phenomenon, Concrete Mixer stabilized soil mixing station gear to check the lubricant and adjust the belt tightness, check the blade, liner wear condition, and replace as appropriate.

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