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The Concrete Mixing Station Is In A Variety Of Forms
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Concrete mixing plant is a mandatory, efficient equipment, can produce plastic, dry and hard concrete and other concrete, high production efficiency, widely used in large and medium-sized construction, road and bridge works and the production of concrete products in the prefabricated plant, is The ideal equipment for the production of commercial concrete. Concrete batching Plant The mixing system host adopts JS series double horizontal shaft forced mixer, which uses the latest design ideas of electronic weighing, computer control, digital display and other control technology, electronic weighing are buffering devices and automatic compensation function, high precision measurement. Gravel feeding system with flat belt or word belt feeding, with inspection walkway, is the majority of construction units to produce high-quality concrete ideal.

Concrete mixing plant is divided into four some: gravel feed, powder (cement, fly ash, expansion agent, etc.) feed, water and admixture feed, show, mixer control system power, enter the people - machine Dialogue operation interface, the system to initialize, including the formula number, concrete grade, slump, bucket to check, Concrete batching Plant the output material empty or full signal, belt motor feed to the metering bucket; open fly ash, cement The butterfly valve of the tank, the helicopter motor is sent to fly ash, the cement to the metering bucket; the material enters the stirred mixer to mix and mix, and the mixer is opened at the set time, and the concrete enters the mixer.

A concrete mixing plant is a combined device for concentrating concrete. Because of its mechanization, the degree of automation is relatively high, the productivity is also high, and can guarantee the quality of concrete and save cement, often used for large concrete construction, Concrete batching Plant long construction period, the site of large and medium-sized water conservancy, electricity, bridges and other projects in. With the continuous development of municipal construction, the use of concentrated mixing, Concrete batching Plant to provide commercial concrete mixing plant has great advantages, and thus get rapid development, and to promote the construction of concrete pumping, to achieve mixing, transportation, pouring machinery to create conditions for joint operations.

Concrete mixing station is made by a number of mixing station, with machine made. The role of each machine are not the same, the use of the use is not the same. Control of each part of the machine will be able to mix concrete mixing station. Concrete mixing plant is composed of a variety of concrete raw materials according to a certain proportion of ingredients, Concrete batching Plant and then in accordance with a certain process of mixing and mixing, and finally produce a certain performance of the concrete equipment.

Concrete mixing station in a variety of specific forms, but its basic form and composition are similar. Now the popular mixing station is basically a computer as the control of the core, control a variety of materials automatically ingredients, automatic lifting, mixing and discharge, Concrete batching Plant and some also data statistics, report printing and other auxiliary functions. From the functional points, a variety of concrete mixing plant generally consists of the following parts:

1, storage silo: storage sand, stone, cement, water and other materials, to the ingredients for the material;

2, the ingredients: in accordance with a certain proportion of gravel and other materials, mainly composed of a variety of scales, Concrete batching Plant but also the use of volume measurement by the flow measurement equipment;

3, hoist: mainly used to enhance gravel aggregate;

4, the mixer: the various raw materials to be stirred, Concrete batching Plant and finally the formation of concrete;

5, the control system: control the various parts of the coordination of work to complete a certain production process.

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