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The Concrete Recycling Machine Is An Efficient Mechanical Equipment
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Concrete recycling machine, also known as concrete recycling equipment, concrete sand and gravel separator, is a kind of concrete mixing station, the residual concrete for the recycling of a mechanical equipment. The use of the device can achieve the efficient use of resources, Concrete Reclaimer while protecting the local environment from damage. Concrete Recyclers, as an efficient mechanical equipment, must have specific conditions of use and sequence of operations.

The concrete reclaimer is mainly used in the concrete mixing plant, the concrete truck for the residual concrete for the separation of stones, sand and precipitation. The concrete reclaimer enables the recycle of the sand and the stone to be used twice, and the discharged slurry can be used for the cleaning of the concrete carrier and the mixing of the concrete after settling through the sedimentation tank. The whole process of the concrete recovery machine fully realized the zero discharge of waste water and waste residue, Concrete Reclaimer which is an efficient environment-friendly equipment.

The required voltage for the concrete recycle is 380V for industrial use and 50Hz for the use of three-phase AC power, and the fluctuation range of the voltage is 380 ± 5%. The concentration of diluted concrete in the concrete reclaimer must be kept below 40%, and the discharge of the concrete carrier must be slow and uniform. At the same time pay attention to the cooling of the concrete recycling machine, Concrete Reclaimer the distribution cabinet, the motor temperature should be maintained at minus 25 degrees Celsius to zero between 40 degrees Celsius. The relative humidity of the air around the concrete mixing station should be kept below 70%, Concrete Reclaimer and there should be no corrosion, destruction of the insulated gas and conductive dust around it.

When the concrete reclaimer is operated manually, adjust the concrete recycle machine to the manual switch. Then open the concrete truck's water button and the drain flush start button. After the start of the concrete recycling machine, concrete truck material through the hopper into the concrete recycling machine, Concrete Reclaimer by the concrete recycling machine for sand separation and recovery. Concrete Recycling Sand separation and recovery process takes only 3-5 minutes, then you can press the drain stop button and close the concrete recycling machine.

When the concrete recycle machine is operated automatically, adjust the concrete recycle machine to automatic switch. And then set the required data according to the text editing instructions. For the first time to use the drain tank to the concrete recycling machine for flushing. After the press can be transferred to the automatic switch, the concrete truck automatic cleaning and separation of concrete recycling work. Throughout the process, the cleaning time of the concrete truck can be adjusted for the treatment time of the concrete recycling machine.

Concrete recycling machine mainly by the stone machine, sand machine, feeding device, cleaning roll, water and other components

The working principle of the concrete reclaimer When the concrete truck is docked to the position of the brush holder, the truck is rinsed by the faucet to make the concrete remaining in the transport vehicle mixed with the water. The concrete slurry in the truck is then poured into the concrete reclaimer through the inlet. The concrete reclaimer separates the stones from the mortar through an internal drum screen. After separation, the stone is discharged through the discharge port at the lower end of the concrete recovery equipment. Concrete Reclaimer And the sieve sanded by the vibrating screen is separated by the rotation of the spiral blade to realize the separation of the sand and the discharge from the outlet of the top. And because of the relationship between the proportion of the upper mud and water into the bottom of the separator, through the sewage outfall into the sedimentation tank precipitation. The effluent contains only cement and water in the concrete. After the sedimentation tank is precipitated, Concrete Reclaimer the upper water can be cleaned by the transport vehicle, while the lower part contains the concrete. The concrete can be made by mixing the concrete.

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