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Working Principle Of Concrete Mixer Truck
- Oct 11, 2017 -

The concrete mixer is composed of the chassis and the local two large assembly. The part is composed of a stirring cylinder, a vice frame, an inlet and outlet installation, a dominating system, a hydraulic system, an electrical system, a water supply system and a guardrail.

The chassis of the concrete mixer truck produced in our country adopts two kinds of general chassis provided by the whole vehicle manufacturer. Its special mechanism mainly includes the power picker, the front and rear bracket, the reducer, the hydraulic system, the stirring drum, the control mechanism, Concrete Mixer Truck the cleaning system and so on. The principle of work is to pull out the power of the car chassis, and drive the hydraulic system variable pump, the mechanical energy can be transferred to the hydraulic pressure can be passed to the quantitative motor, motor-driven reducer, Concrete Mixer Truck driven by the reducer mixer, the concrete mixing.

The concrete mixer is composed of a car chassis, a stirring cylinder, an inlet and outlet device, a water supply system and a hydraulic transmission system. The main function of the stirring drum is to stir and stir the concrete, which is installed in the rear part of the automobile frame, Concrete Mixer Truck which consists of the cylinder body, the connecting flange, the raceway and the stirring blades. Most of the external structure of the stirring cylinder is the cone of the two ends and the middle is a cylindrical body, which resembles the pear shape. The concrete tank is made of high quality wear-resisting thin steel plate, in order to be able to automatically load and unload concrete, the inner wall is welded with a special shape of spiral blades. When the concrete tank is turning, Concrete Mixer Truck the concrete can be filled with tanks and will not condense quickly because of constant agitation, and the concrete will be unloaded automatically from the discharging port when it rotates backwards.

The vehicle chassis for concrete mixers requires sufficient load capacity and strong output power. General requirements for the engine to have 230kW (300 horsepower) above the power, the load for 6-7M3 concrete mixer trucks need to choose the $number load quality of the general chassis 15t class, Concrete Mixer Truck the load of 8-10m3 need to choose the dual-front axle 8x4 load quality of 20t-level chassis, and the loading capacity of 10- 12M3 will use $number tractor and semi-trailer. The rotation of the concrete tank is based on the hydraulic drive mechanism to ensure that the load of the 6-8M3 concrete mixer is generally used by the automobile engine through the power output shaft driven liquid

Pressure pump, and then use high-pressure oil to propel the hydraulic motor to drive the concrete tank. The load is 9-12m3, then by the vehicle auxiliary diesel engine drive the hydraulic pump to drive the hydraulic motor. In addition, the mechanism design should be reasonable, easy to operate, the concrete tank unloading thoroughly, these problems encountered in the use must also be taken into account. For example, if the unloading is not complete, Concrete Mixer Truck the concrete in the tank will accumulate more, so that the tank capacity is reduced, and cleaning is very difficult. The concrete tank and the inlet and outlet mouth wear resistance is better, sand and gravel are the main components of concrete. They make the concrete tank and the inlet and outlet at work wear seriously. In general, the service life of the concrete storage tank made of low alloy steel is 50,000-80,000 cubic meters. Concrete Mixer Truck The helical blade life in the concrete tank is only 30,000-40,000 cubic meters. Domestic concrete tanks are usually made of high-strength low-alloy steel, which is 1-2 times more wearable than ordinary A3 steel. Some imported concrete storage tanks are made of wear-resisting steel for manganese sheds, and they are reinforced by wear-resisting materials in easy wearing parts, so their service life can be increased by 1 time times more than that of Low-alloy steel. It can be used to use materials with different working life. Price to be reasonable, after-sales service is the key, the concrete mixer truck is a special heavy vehicles, keep less, Concrete Mixer Truck spare parts source less, compared with General Motors, the dependence on the manufacturers of larger. Therefore, whether manufacturers can provide convenient and reliable after-sales service, is the selection must be considered important factors.

Concrete Mixing Truck Working principle:

Application of the built-in blade to the commercial concrete stop forced agitation, so that it in a certain time (the longest not exceeding 90 minutes) does not produce solidification phenomenon, Concrete Mixer Truck so that the mixer truck arrived at the site can also meet the application request.

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